Monday, February 7, 2011

A Toast to "Toast...on Market"

Toast on Market
736 E. Market Street (Louisville)
141 E. Market Street (New Albany)

Here's to breakfast for lunch. A concept many don't practice anymore...
But a concept that left the Gang smiling that's for sure.
Here's to Toast on Market, where breakfast is served all day...
Their hours are 7-2 and 7-3 on Saturday and Sunday.
But it's already twelve-thirty, no time for eggs and bacon...
Who cares?! There's no rule against breakfast for lunch, so come on down to Toast
and see what they're makin'.
Here's to Chickapoo and her BLT scramble..
Breakfast for lunch is no gamble.
Especially with a side of the Gang's favorite hashbrown casserole...
BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH! Tell one, tell all, tell every soul.
Here's to Man 2, always lookin' for the meal that's just right...
Only the Cliffie's Plate would fill his hearty appetite.
It comes with eggs, meat, pancakes and more...
Exactly what Man 2 was looking for.
Last but not least Man 1 and his mountain of french toast.
'The Classic' is it's true name...
with fruit and whipped cream, it will put any stomach to shame.
So raise your cups of coffee and glasses of OJ...
And give thanks to Toast on Market for serving breakfast all day.

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  1. I am a local Louisville blogger! My site is I like your page! I will be back......Thanks, Andrea Riegling