Monday, January 3, 2011

Kayrouz Cafe

Kayrouz Cafe
127 Wiltshire Ave
St. Matty's

The Lunch Pail Gang stepped into Kayrouz Cafe at around 11:30 on the first Monday of 2011.  Though they had no clue, I would hope that they feel privileged given that theirs was the pioneer restaurant on our gastric journey through the Louisville metropolitan area.  Early birds, as always (seeing as our stomachs consistently start talking shit at 10:30am or so), it looked like we were the first patrons of the day.  The restaurant was nice…small and quaint.  Attentive and chipper, a lovely young waitress came promptly to take our drink orders…waters all around - with lemon, please.  I had started stalking the menu by 10am that morning and had a good idea of what I was going to order, as did the rest of LPG.  We quickly picked our poison and watched as more and more people piled into the small dining area (seats 30, give or take, indoors).  Mixed bag of clientele – from the informal home refinance meeting, mother daughter lunch outing, to, what I can only assume is the geriatric version of our own fine club.  We were sardines by noon and people started walking in and turning to leave after they’d seen the packed house.   

I had ordered the Crabby Joe – explained to be an 8oz fresh ground sirloin burger that’s smothered w/ lump crab, sundried tomatoes, garlic, blue cheese, spicy mayo, and the other typical burger fixens.  I opted for the regular fries though they offered the ever so trendy sweet potato variety.  Another member also got a burger and fries, though his was topped with pepper-jack, bacon, and homemade aioli.  He ordered it sans bacon…..wierd I know.  I felt I should inform him that bacon is a gift from God that should be consumed at any and all opportunities you find yourself lucky enough to be in its presence, but decided to keep myself quiet not to ruin our inaugural outing.  Chickadoo ordered what was titled the B-Nally.  Picture a grilled cheese on the juice – veins popping and muscles twitching…that is the B-Nally - and I must say, it sounded delicious. 

Our food arrived and the consumption began.  I was impressed with the quality of the burger – cooked to a nice medium, as I had ordered.  The crab concoction that topped my patty was good…not great…but good.  I felt like the crab should have played a bigger role in the production, but was left in the background of the bold flavor of the beef.  The fries were batter dipped and deep fried – I especially liked the “crispies”.  The quality of a restaurants pickle spear weighs in heavily for me – and they had a pretty nice pickle.

I’ll go back – the menu had nice variation and I’m excited to try out some other stuff. 


Crabby Joe

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