Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T-H-O and Good Slaw

3rd Avenue Cafe
1164 S. 3rd St.
Old Louisville

Bring your electric blankets, one and all, to 3rd Avenue Cafe in charming Old Louisville!  As we stepped into the familiar kitschy dining room LPG stated, in unison, "cold in here!"  I think the Elvis maniquin by the front door had a frozen booger hanging from his nose.... it may have just been a paint chip or something, I'm not really sure.  Regardless of the climate, we were all excited to hit up this popular local lunch spot. 

Chickadoo ordered the black bean burger and homemade mesquite potato chips.
I tried it - it was tasty.....tasty for something that doesn't have meat in it.... I remember Chickadoo saying "this tastes beany....you know, just like mashed up beans."  The homemade chips were great - kindof reminded me of Grippos without the sweetness.  I really enjoyed the Foccacia bread that this was served on...better than a traditional bun would have been.

Man 1 and I both got the same thing....something that we swore never to do, but did anyway.  Shows you where we draw the line on formality...stand strong LPG, stand strong.... The Jerk Pork Sandwich and Honey Mustard Cashew Cole Slaw.

Our food had arrived after I consumed 2 ice waters and developed a mean case of THO  - I was hoping for a hot n' spicy meal to warm my chilled bones.  The pork was okay....served as a boneless butterflied chop on a bun with some great hot sauce concoction on the side...I don't think they put much jerk seasoning on the pork - didn't get much of that sweet/hot flavor I was looking for.  But the cole slaw....ahhhh, the cole slaw.  I think it might be my favorite slaw of all time....well, almost - there is an old place called The Log Inn near Evansville that my lovely wife grew up frequenting - and they have great slaw...but still, this slaw was the shizzle. 

The grub was tasty - but unfortunately, I think the frostbite that was forming on my toes distracted me from enjoying this place as much as I think I would/could have...This was my 2nd encounter with 3rd Avenue Cafe and I may wait until the summertime to have another. 

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