Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cliftons Pizza

Clifton's Pizza
2230 Frankfort Ave.

The mention of Clifton's Pizza takes me all the way back to my early high school years - showing up for pizza and drinks on any given night to watch the Juggernaut Jug Band, or if memory serves me right, the Java Men put on quite a few great shows here!  Clifton's, for my crew, was one of our mainstays - you could never go wrong with the food, the music, or the atmosphere.  Though I hadn't been in some time it was obvious that the tradition has been maintained!
Every once in a while we throw the rest of the office a bone and mention our draw for the day - they can do one of two things:  (a) Join us on our epic culinary quest, or (b) suck it.  The majority of the time they choose (b) - but on this rainy day, it being very close to the day of that wild lush Patrick, a few decided to ride along, devour some grub, and celebrate the March Madness that had recently ensued. 

Almost everyone had been to Clifton's before and knew how spectacular their Calzones are - as a result - we all had one....This ain't no overgrown hotpocket...
If you dont like food that is larger than your head - don't get a Calzone at Clifton's.  These things are massive AND delicious! Most of the time when you get something of such great size, the flavors are bland or lacking -  This Calzone slaps that notion (pimp hand strong) right in the mouth.  Lets quickly go through the basics of Calzonium - Make medium pizza -  Take said pizza and fold in half - Bake - Serve to one unsuspecting party. 
I had mine with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and bannana peppers, but Clifton's will let you pick up to SIX toppings to stuff into your beautiful pocket of love. 

Clifton's..... It's me.....   Sorry it's been so long.  I've meant to stop by, but you know how it goes....life just gets in the way...hope your not too mad at me.  I just wanted to write and tell you that I still love you and I would like to start a sordid affair  - Please don't tell my wife...
Indisputably Yours,
Man 2

Even the fro'd leprechaun attended and grabbed a pizza to take home to the little lepers.
  Bet you didn't know something this delicous would be at the end of the rainbow!

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