Saturday, March 5, 2011

WW. Cousins: Celebrity Hangout?

WW Cousins
Breckenridge Ln.

WILD CARD! I drew a wild card out of the pail this week, but with the wild card comes a lot of pressure. I have to choose, on my own, where the gang goes for lunch and Man 2 and Chickadoo have no say. They don’t even know ahead of time where we are going. Luckily, I had the weekend to think it over. So why did I choose WW. Cousins you might ask? One word…Toppings.

WW. Cousins is best known for their topping bar supplied with over 40 different toppings. They have all the usual condiments plus the not so usual (i.e. chipotle ranch sauce).  Now, WW. Cousins claims that they have over a trillion different combinations of toppings which is true but that’s only if you are willing to pile 40 different toppings on your buns. So let’s be more realistic and say the average person puts six on their hamburger. Take Man 2 for example. He had cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, ketchup, and jalapenos.  Man 2 would have to come back over 4 billion times to try every combination (Yeah I was a math major in college. When I say I was a math major I found a calculator on internet that computed the equation for me). I normally wouldn’t put any food challenge past Man 2, but this one has even him beat. So you catch my drift, right? Cousins has something to suit any hamburger’s liking. And it’s all fresh. And it’s all goooooood.

I’ve been to Cousins before so I knew what to expect. I knew to expect their signature buns that are baked in house daily. I knew to expect their homemade pies and cookies. What I didn’t expect was to dine with some of Louisville’s most famous for lunch. Mohammed Ali, Diane Sawyer and Patrick Hallahan were all topping their burgers at Cousins that day. Ok, Ok Ali and Diane were not there, but Patrick Hallahan was. “Who’s he???” He is the drummer for My Morning Jacket (look them up if you’ve never heard of them). Chickadoo noticed him in line for the topping bar and struck up a conversation. I think he took a liking to her and her well constructed tower of toppings. I mean who wouldn’t be intrigued by a woman who puts mustard, mayo, relish, sweet & sour sauce, two different types of lettuce, two different types of onions and green peppers on their burger. Anyway, he sat and talked with us as we ate. He was cool enough to answer our questions and tell us stories about life touring with the band…Sorry I get carried away sometimes. We didn’t talk to him. He sat a few tables down from us and we spent half the time arguing who was going to ask him for an autograph. Disappointing, I know. We did get a picture of him as we were leaving though (see below).  It is neat to think that this famous rock star could go anywhere in the world he wants and eat a cheeseburger, but he chose WW. Cousins.  I wonder what combination he had.

(see...told you he was there!)

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